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Six Lives. One Story.

During one summer in New York City, a series of life-altering events connects an unlikely ensemble of 20-somethings.

John, Ricki, Ashley R., Will, Reid and Devina are trying to navigate adulthood--but love, loss and uncertainty keep getting in the way. As they continue on their individual paths, their stories become interconnected and they come to finish out the summer together.

"Excellent performance, great direction"

— CinematiqMag TV

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About The Series

The upcoming, 8-episode season of "Anthology" is based off an outline that requires the actors to improvise the majority of their dialogue; we approached the material this way in an attempt to capture moments of authenticity that are not always possible with a traditional script. 

In 2013, we created a 6-episode Pilot season for “Anthology”; each of these original minisodes introduces a single character. In 2015, the Pilot season received distribution through Kweli.TV, an interactive streaming platform dedicated to the stories, issues and culture of the African diaspora. Click Here To Catch Up On The Pilot Season.

Pilot Season Trailer - Starring: Ashley Denise, Ashley Denise Robinson, Brian Edelman, Jonathan Duran, Ricki Lynée & William Louis Smith.

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